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About QCP

Our Goal:

The focus of Queen City Pinball is to promote pinball in Regina and to provide opportunities for pinball players to compete in tournaments, leagues, and other events.

Our History:

While playing pinball in the Rebellion Brewing taproom, a group of overly enthusiastic pinheads dreamt of running a tournament. From there, Queen City Pinball was born. Our first ever tournament, "Pints and Pins," was held in the Rebellion Brewing taproom in June of 2017. Without a suitable number of machines to accommodate the anticipated interest, we moved 8 pinball machines into the place on a Sunday morning, set them up, ran the tournament, and then moved them all out of again in the evening.

It wasn't until June of 2018 that we ran our 2nd tournament. Lacking a suitable location in the city with enough pinball machines, and learning our lesson about moving 8 of them at a time, we decided it was time to change that and we put a number of our own machines into a single location at "The Black Arrow" and our Monthly Tournaments began. It wasn't long before we made the decision to move our machines into a more suitable and accessible location. In March of 2019 we began running our Monthly Tournaments at Theo Bill's Restaurant. We continued with tournaments there until Covid-19 shut us down in March of 2020. After a long hiatus, we ran our next event in the Pile O' Bones Taproom in November of 2021 and have continued to do so since.

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